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Acoustic Enclosures

We are a distinguished Acoustic Enclosures Manufacturer and supplier, established in India. Our sound proof acoustic enclosures are widely used in the modern industrial world. Moreover, our study DG acoustic enclosures have received an admiring glance from the market. We offer robust DG acoustic enclosures, which are available at competitive price.
We offer Acoustic-Canopies designed for quick assembly and dismantling for meeting critical requirements of noise suppression of DG Sets. The Canopies meet CPCB norms of Govt. Of India for noise pollution

The salient features of our D.G. Set canopies are as under:

Technical specification of Acoustic Enclosure Construction

  • The Enclosure is in modular/welded in construction
  • The Enclosure is fabricated out of and 16/18 guage structure thick cold rolled cold annealed (CRCA) sheet.
  • Base Frame is made of IS MC/CRCA of suitable section sheet metal.
  • Durable industrial locking system is provided on doors.
  • Doors are fitted with high quality EDPN Gasket.

Corrosion Resistance

To make the Enclosure weather proof -:

  • All the sheet metal parts components are treated with seven tanks process.
  • Degreasing, derusting, dephosphating.
  • Sheet metal components are painted with p.p base powder.
  • Base frame is epoxy coated.
  • Zinc passivated hardware is used to avoid rusting.

Acoustic Insulation

  • Sound proofing of the enclosure done with high quality ROCK WOOL/FOAM
  • Rock wool is fire resistive covered with perforated sheet and tissue paper.
  • This is further secured with perforated sheet.
  • Specially designed residential silencer is provided.
  • Optional emergency pushbutton to stop the D.G Set from outside.
  • Our R&D Department is constantly engaged in the modification of the product.
  • Keeping pace with world's latest technology to give the customer's value for money in form of improvements. The Acoustic being offered are for output of 75 db at a Distance 1 meter average around the set inside the canopy.

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